8 drinks for health and fitness

* Eight healthy drinks: 
- Do you want to have the strongest immune system and the mood of moderate and high fitness .. And more and more. 

When considering the best drinks you would reply immediately with water, but there are a number of beverages and other liquids that are worth adding to your food, "are some drinks that have tremendous health benefits from the treatment or prevention of some minor health problems such as indigestion and end protection of the most serious, such as osteoporosis, "a choice of eight easy swallowing! 

1 - Green Tea: 
- The benefits: 
Reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and decay. Green tea contains a high concentration of materials "Flavonoids & Polyphenols", a natural anti-oxidation protected the cells from cancers and reduce the growth of tumors, through the assistance Bmhaidp free molecules in the body. The antioxidants found in green tea also protect from heart disease by working to loosen the blood vessels and prevent a bloody Altjltat help stimulate the incidence of heart attacks and stroke. Green tea also contains fluoride, which powers the teeth and equally subject "Flavonoidz" adopted by the bones, so green tea reduces the risk of osteoporosis and tooth decay. 

2 - mint tea: 
- The benefits: 
Ease muscle tension and protected from digestion because of injury Bbeef anti-mint cramps and works to loosen the muscles and make fighting Tibsaa and pains. Mint tea helps in the digestion process by stimulating the movement of food through the intestine in the digestive system. 

3 - skim milk by 1%: 
- The benefits: 
Helps protect against the incidence of osteoporosis because it contains components of a healthy diet of carbohydrates and protein and little fat absorbed by the human body, slowly but effect remains for a long period of time. It also helps the stability of the proportion of milk to blood sugar, as a source of calcium because it contains vitamin (d) It is important to maximize the absorption of calcium, and also helps the body to stop storing fat and recent studies have shown that women who consume three - four volumes of dairy products a few fat (including milk, of course) lose almost twice the weight of those who Tsthlkn dairy products in smaller quantities, "Valcalseyoum makes the body's cells burn fat instead of stored" This makes the goal of maintaining weight and fitness goals too easy. 
- = 120 calories / 8 ounces, ounce = about 31 grams) 

4 - soy milk: 
- The benefits: 
Reduces the chance of being heart disease, because soy milk contains fibers are soluble soy protein, which reduces low-density cholesterol (the bad cholesterol Houmadl) and tripartite Algelsred, as well as minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease. If drank soy milk instead of bovine milk calcium will find it indispensable and vitamin (a) and vitamin (d). Soy milk contains the article "Phytoestrogens" This is a warning, since the article linked to the future viability of the incidence of breast cancer, therefore, must consult a doctor before drinking soy milk, if the history of women and the family of hereditary breast cancer cases. 
- = 81 calories / 8 ounces). 

5 - hot chocolate: 
- The benefits: 
To modify mood and protected from heart disease. Increase the production of chocolate from the article "serotonin", which was responsible for organizing the mood (low levels of serotonin are linked to depression) and cocoa with the indispensable "Polyphenols", a material antioxidants protect cells from oxidative damage by reducing the rates of high-density cholesterol (good cholesterol levels ), which puts the person in the probability of infection of heart attacks. 
- Heat = 195 calories / 8 ounces of home-made cocoa .115 / powder mixture. 

6 - low salt tomato juice: 
- The benefits: 
Protects many of the diseases, cancer, processed tomato products and is the richest source of anti-oxidation (for Ecupen - Lycopene), which is linked to reducing exposure to disease, lung cancer, stomach and pancreas Similarly, esophagus, mouth, breast and cervix. And lycopene also protects the heart and lung damage from oxidation and prevent cardiovascular disease. 
- = 31 calories / six ounces. 

7 - raspberry juice: 
- The benefits: 
Prevent gum disease, and the research indicated that the same anti-bacterial properties, which is located Janub berries fight urinary tract infections. And the theory of experts that a berry juice, which is "Nondialysable material" to prevent bacteria from adhering to gum. But scientists worry nutrition of fruit juice to sugar is therefore advisable not to use more than one cup a day (6-8 ounces). 
- = 140 calories / 8 ounces. 

8 - Orange juice: 
- The benefits: 
Protected from infection and cancer, cataract and congenital malformations, and active immune system, an important source of vitamin (c). The orange juice protects against the oxidation of many Alomrald including White Water (cloud forming at the lens of the eye that may lead to blindness) and lung cancer. Protected vitamin (c) of the damage Alolexdp Altytdjal cancer cells and strengthen the function of immune cells, which can be the body to fight infection effectively. 
The orange juice a good source of folate, which could prevent the distortions of the embryonic neural tube and if you want to protect the bone, you can experience enhanced calcium orange juice. 
- = 115 calories / 8 ounces.