Natural fibers

* Natural fibers: 
It is fiber to be found in foods that are addressed by building our minds and our bodies and it should be noted that fiber is an important element in the protection of rights and the prevention of many diseases, and the ratio, which is supposed to be covered person per day from 20 to 35 grams, but the vast majority of us deal with less than 12 grams, 

- Do you imagine that the fiber we can not digest, where there are two types of fiber: 
1 - fibers are decomposition (melting). 
2 - fibers are not biodegradable (soluble). 
- And find that she is a material degradation in water and increases the strength of where the generation is similar to examples of foods containing soluble fiber are: barley - oats - broccoli - fruit acid. 
- The second type of fiber non-soluble fiber, which are referred to coarse, containing the external structure of plants, such as the outer cover of the Ahbubulfakep and vegetables. 

* List of major food sources containing fiber: 
- Grain. 
- Bread made from a kind of pure grain without adding another type to it. 
- Oats. 
- Fresh fruits and vegetables. 
- Pea. 
- Beans. 
- Nuts. 
- Barley. 
- Corn. 
- Popcorn. 
- Potato, potato Bakecrha. 

Q: What are the benefits to the body of the fibers, which have not been nourished? 

1 - proper digestion and prevent constipation: 
Contribute to the natural movement of the intestine and make the digestive system is always in the case of activity and action of the water supplies of this vital organ essential to its existence to the process of digestion, and silver halide, the movement of the intestine is the natural process of regulating the output and prevent constipation, and we find that the nature of women more than men holding a They need to eat more fiber to avoid constipation. 

2 - Prevention of hemorrhoids: 
Since the fiber is one of laxatives, stool and static in nature with the failure to deal with many rights make a major effort in production, which leads to the exposure to the pressure of a large intestine, causing painful swelling in the veins that are close to the anus and then to the hemorrhoids. 

3 - minimize the chances of cancer: 
- Eat more fiber reduces the chances of cancer of the colon and rectum, breast cancer, because it reduces the cancer, the following three ways: 
1 - reduce the amount of fat in the digestive system. 
2 - reduce estrogen levels. 
3 - is working to speed up the time when the harmful substances move through the digestive system. 
4 - to reduce the risk of heart disease: 
Reduce the proportion of fiber, cholesterol in the blood, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Where the fibers are soluble in water, such as beans, oats absorb acid yellow in the gastrointestinal tract and which are loaded with a large proportion of cholesterol in order to graduate college with feces, so we find that the proportions of low-cholesterol achieved a high fiber + low levels of fat. 

5 - Maintain the blood sugar: 
Here comes the role of fiber non-soluble in water, which works to stabilize blood sugar levels to normal proportions, it is slowed down during the process of digestion and not to allow the stomach to become empty, and the absorption of glucose, which is in the blood stream and thus reduce the need for medicines or insulin for diabetics , and the operation of the fiber reduces the hunger. 

6 - Maintaining Weight: 
Boliaffha-rich foods are an alternative to foods high in fat and containing high calories and little food. 
Since the fibers of non-soluble in water and require more time to digest, it gives people a sense of Balamtla for the longest time, and this reduces the desire to eat more food and provide calorie intake. Always remember that the fibers do not have calories because they do not digest.