Kids in the organization and food And exercise

* Exercise and nutrition: 
Do you work late and can not organize and Jbatk food and exercise? 
All you need now is to start again. The most important thing is to not expect your food to the ideal. 

Be realistic, you are looking for change and improvement, not idealism. Always remember that "small is better than nothing", we must know that the most important thing is doing in the week, not per day. If they eat 80% of the time and the meals healthy and useful, and then deviated from your food 20% of the time it does not cause any problems because what is more important is what most of the time, not the exception. 

* There are some steps to start a good diet: 
- Plant food: Alotampallenbatip deal with for some time until the balance of calories gained high. 
- A meal of vegetables and fruits are very important: (3 types of vegetables and fruit per day). 
- To achieve a balance between the meals, which dealt with every day. 

* Some types of health food: 
If you're traveling, you learn the some types of vegetables Oulfakep light (such as islands or apple). If the meal Khvevpotina road will feel when you have no desire for something to eat fat. 

* Plans to Ojbatk: 
- Set for yourself each week, the types of foods that you want to eat, and make a balanced and Jbatk committed to this plan throughout the week. 
- If you are engaged in a work, or I was in a short holiday and failed to your food do not need to worry, but tried to return quickly to the diet. 
- To keep the exercise on a regular basis can be difficult, but always remember the great interest that would accrue to you from these exercises. 
- All doctors are advised to exercise for 30 minutes a day at least. In order to reduce the many health risks such as: heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes. 
- For people who suffer from problems in the planning exercise, there is another way to do a light exercise throughout the day for short periods of time rather than once for a period of 30 minutes of any period of 10 minutes each time and this is enough and gives the same results. 
- Must be in each person enough time to do exercises and to organize his time and prepare a plan for himself: 
- Search Toagafk why the practice of the exercises. 
- Put the plan. 
- Set your goals. 
- Committed to achieving the goals. 

- Can always put an alternative plan in case of non-Thakiqk to your goals: If you intend to carry out exercises in the early morning was not able to, you'll need to do in the middle of the day to renew or when you finish your work. 
- Put in the female that this exercise was to meet with the self has to be done. 

* Dorallyakp in your daily life: 
Tried to introduce fitness to your daily life example: 
- Use the stairs instead of the elevator. 
- Put your car away from your place of work in order to be able to walk for a few minutes. 
- When you travel, the choice of the hotel health club to do exercises. 
- Qom which complied with light during the day at a time that suits you best. I do all it can do to add movement to your daily life. 

* Tips: 
- If you are new to exercise may not change is psychological or physical, if a halt a few days. 
- If you exercise sport for a long time, the cessation of exercise can cause many problems. 
- You will benefit from the practice of these exercises depends on many things, including: 
- Genetics. 
- Quickly. 
- Continuously exercises. 
- Strength training. 

- Can take recourse to the natural Yaktk months or a few weeks.