Is your health worth the risk or prevention?

* Prevention: 
- Every one of us is responsible for the way of life being experienced by every person that weaves the details of his life as it pleases, and all reflect the way followed by the internal motivations and how to think. 

But at the same time, we can not denial of the fact that "prevention is better than cure" and the word is synonymous prevention "protection and primary health care" is any action to be followed to protect the rights of the disease or to predict and reduce its implications. It is also concerned with the advancement of the level of human health and protection from infection or infectious diseases, both non-communicable diseases. 

- What is the difference between the form of prevention in health and quality of life? 
There is a big difference between the concept of health and quality of life, health is a part of all is one of the elements that determine the quality of life it is a tool and not an end. It is also the supplier of the resources of our daily lives to achieve an acceptable level of quality of life. 
Health is not merely the absence of disease, but how to prevent it and here is the ability of humans to adapt to the challenges of life, but variables and control through the adoption of some of the methods in the personal life but in the environment around them. 
We must not mistake the understanding of a healthy lifestyle that depends on the manner in which the deprivation of rights of many things, but is simply a way to keep us from serious diseases, and makes us live a happy life pleasant satisfied as long as possible, and we do not try to deceive death, but an attempt to live without pain or illness or suffering or anger because the long lifetime + the pain and the disease does not pay. 

- The elements of healthy life: 
- The equivalent of a healthy lifestyle: 
- A proper diet. 
- Exercise + movement. 
- Air. 
- Water. 
- The light of the sun. 
- Rest and relaxation. 
- A positive emotional habits, such as: laughter, love and a spirit of optimism. 
- A healthy environment. 
- Human behavior itself. 
- The role of genetic factors. 
- Refrain from smoking. 

- Will review in some detail some of these elements as follows: 
- Genetic factor (genetic inheritance): 
Possible that when a person inherits his mother's eye, smile, etc. But seriously ... the genetic extend much further, especially at the age of progress in the individual time to discover many of the inherited diseases, it is not easy or easy. The genetic factor is one of the important factors that contribute to the prevention of many diseases or predictable so that they can be remedied at an early stage 
Diseases where the genetic factor plays a major role: breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, some mental illnesses, such as eye problems related to the blue waters, oblivion, ... alcoholism and other diseases if the other was a member of your family and in particular class I (father - mother - brother - sister - son) suffering from one of these diseases are likely to inherit an existing, but can not say so at the same time. Because many of these diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, depression and diseases are controlled by genetic factors in addition to other factors and find that other factors are (especially those related to mental illness than) the pressures that are around us in the environment, support systems, to try to keep pace with changes. Those related to a bit of physical diseases are: poor diet, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise 
* Those are some statistics for some genetic diseases: 
- Breast cancer: 
The proportion of inheritance of the disease from 5% to 10%, and predictable to those of their first-degree relatives (mother, sister, daughter) Oseben Oseben disease or cancer of the uterus and pelvis and colon. Higher than the proportion of infection than their first-degree relatives, and living with the disease from 6 to 10 times that of patients with no history in the family 

- Prostate cancer: 
Same thing for this disease, it has had a brother and father were from the disease here Vtaatdhaaf chance of infection and even the possibility of diagnosis at an early stage. 

- Heart disease: 
For heart disease, regardless of type, whether boy or girl, man or woman, family history, which involves the specific diseases, such as: heart disease, or diabetes, or gout, or high blood pressure or high cholesterol ratio. All this increases the likelihood of heart disease. 

- Diabetes: 
It is a disease in which genetics play a big role, if the father was suffering from diabetes (type I) the possibility of the son or daughter's injury in place by 1: 17, as well as Ms. pregnant before the age of 25, and the prospect of her child to inherit the disease represents a ratio of 1: 25. 

- The blue water on the eye: 
This disease is hereditary and is also detrimental to the vision of the eye, it must be continuously examined to detect the disease at an early stage and therefore are protected eye. 

- Depression: 
Is not the physical person is affected by the genetic factor, but the psychological state and mental well as genes, plays an important role of genetic factor in kind. Thus, depression is Etwarth members of the same family, where a person inherits the disease of depression if it is first-degree relatives suffer from it (the father, sister, brother, father, daughter) and the rate of transmission of the disease = 25%. 

These are examples of some diseases can be genetic factor plays a big role in which opportunities prevention of these diseases or detect at an early stage increases the chances of raising the quality of human life to live a healthy life as long as possible, and here comes the role of the physician to conduct tests to reduce the incidence of these opportunities diseases. If there were patients in the family history for heart disease, you can avoid the injury by adopting a proper diet and exercise activity athlete. For breast cancer tests done in addition to monthly self-examinations and X because the medical intervention at an early stage of these diseases increase the chances of life. 

- Diet: 
Food can be either a cause of life or loss of rights, the use of an unbalanced diet and too many diseases because of the human person and thus affect the quality of life: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes. Also, obesity is one of the problems related to our system of feeding the wrong, which in turn lead to the incidence of other problems including: high blood pressure, arthritis and heart attacks. Therefore, we must focus our attention not only on how much to eat, but also on the type, and these are some of the outlines of each person must be at least in the diet (food pyramid). 
- Eat more foods that have fiber because they prevent infection with many diseases. 
- Eat more fruits, grains and fresh vegetables. 
- The intake of food for the four food groups food pyramid because many of the regulations repealed slimming group or two of these foods, but this is not true that the health or diet should be integrated so that it does not catch the human disorder and the person quickly becomes bored of the slimming effect, leading counter-productive and the most important thing of all is how to reduce these times and the number of meals eaten. 
- Reduce the percentage of calories covered and this does not mean that the calculation of the amount of calories, but you have to note whether your food is high in thermal Sarath or low. In general, foods with a high proportion of fat is also high in portions, including: meat, cheese, whole milk, candy, alcohol and pastries. 
- Cutting down on foods with a high proportion of fat and you have to take up the bread, cereals, rice and pasta instead of the food and the health of the province as well as it helps you lose weight. 
- Avoid too much to take the egg yolk, liver, because of the high-cholesterol ratios. 
- Avoid too much to deal with the brown and white sugar added to foods or sugar, as well as sweets. 
- Avoid caffeine because it dealt with lead to osteoporosis. 
- You have to deal with increasing the milk and water to that in which there is calcium. 
- Avoid eating spices and condiments as they prepared to cause trouble, such as: black pepper, curry, recovered. 
- Avoid eating fats: including butter and margarine. 
- Avoid eating hydrogenated oils: they harm the arteries and to increase the fatty tissue in the body. 
- Avoid eating white flour products such as pancakes, biscuits and chips because they are difficult digestion. 
- Not too much salt. 
- Avoid eating pickles and vinegar products because they are difficult in digestion as well. 
- To avoid eating any processed foods, fast food preparation. 
- Avoid eating yellow cheese because it is high fat. 

- Not eat more ice cream, potato chips and popcorn and soda.

And moderation in dealing with food is the ideal solution, each component of diet is important for building and development of the human body can not overlook the element at the expense of every other component of food necessary for human life, but moderation is the solution to any problem or face possible rights in the future. 

- The practice of sporting activity: 
Assist and contribute to the necessities of life and prosperity in human laziness in the absence of any effort is to use the car, elevator, computer ... etc.. In addition, in light of modern technology, there has been no human free time in order to exercise or sports activity is something that increases the chances of heart disease and many other diseases, we will not mention here, but we will mention the benefits that can accrue to you from the sports activity. 
- Lowers blood pressure. 
- Control the weight. 
- Increase the proportion of high-density Allibobrotin level in the blood (an indicator of the ratio of good cholesterol). 
- Limiting diabetes. 
- Gain the flexibility of muscles and provide the body energy. 
- Increase the efficiency of the work of blood vessels and to expand. 
- Help you to quit smoking. 
- Prolong life, as studies have shown that the low rate of mortality among the elderly who have a sports activity. 
- Help to reduce tension and anxiety. 
- Reduces the risk of colon cancer. 
- Increases the force with muscle. 
- Increases the force with muscle. 
- Strengthen the tissue. 
- Increase the efficiency of the heart, by increasing the body's blood pumping and prevent Altjltat. 
- Increase the efficiency of the work of the digestive system because of the sporting activity more than the speed of blood circulation in the human body in the return of blood to the heart of the digestive system, which is in the process of digestion at the same time help the digestive system to restore normal 
- Increase the efficiency of the respiratory system (lung) because it helps to enter as much as possible from the air to the lungs and with the least effort. 
- Help to make use of oxygen and then distributed to the body's cells. 
- Gain permanent rights of youth, strength, vitality and attractiveness. 
- Earned the spirit of optimism and keeps him on the pressure. 
- Helps to relax and sleep and mental processes to be better and the completion of work without feeling tired. 
- Contribute to the upbringing of children in a healthy way to build bones and muscles and all the members of the body. 
- Advised doctors to work in the sports activity to prevent the occurrence of stroke, kidney Hasawy, and to compensate the losses of calcium of patients who Ilasmon bed for a long time, and it is beneficial to the bones in the case of bone fractures, where Icassap flexibility, flexibility and return to normal. 
- Gain rights of self-confidence. 

You can practice many sports activities such as: walking, swimming, running, tennis, volleyball ... etc.. Or practice some exercises to give your body flexibility, flexibility, and if you have problems breathing or heart or bones or problems relating to aging, you have to consult a doctor first so that you develop a plan tailored to your needs in addition to that must begin gradually in the exercise of any activity Pushup or keep it with, say, three times a week for 30 minutes at a time and then gradually increase up to 60 minutes and you can start with five to ten minutes is also a possibility if you have a non-significant and that would lead to the desired results and should not be overly the exercise of any activity that Siardk of the harm and damage, that there will be periods of rest. 

And any activity that requires a sports-specific fitness program to increase the flexibility of the body and fitness is not subject to any damage or injury related to fitness and any plan should include five basic elements (A, B to fitness): 
- Flexibility. 
- Durability, which depends on wind energy. 
- Muscular endurance. 
- Muscle power. 
- Physical training. 

- We can divide the sports activities of two types: 
- The type depends on the use of wind energy. 
- Depends on the type of anaerobic energy use. 

- Activities that rely on wind energy: the flexibility of contributing to an increase in cardiovascular, which is where the effort of the muscle can convert fuel to the internal energy and the effort required to supply the heart muscle with oxygen and help this effort added to the heart muscle to strengthen and increase the efficiency and activity-dependent the wind power is found in: walk, swim, run, jump and ride a calf ... etc.. 

- The activities that rely on anaerobic energy: the energy-supplying the body muscles to carry out its operations through a chemical process does not require the presence of oxygen, and gain the object of these activities: flexibility, stamina, fitness, increase speed in the performance of the body moves and skills of many other physical object Although the activities of this kind of stressful, we find the following types: bowling, golf, weightlifting and volleyball. 

- Smoking: 
Are you ready to stop smoking? If the answer is yes, you are a brave person and deserves all the appreciation and respect for people can not Ijabbark to that, but in order to protect your health and maintain the elegant looks and be an example to those who Isgrunk age. Everyone knows you do not want to continue this bad habit, but the fear of weight gain is a real problem Twrqk not it?! But I think that the increase in weight than the lesser of the damage caused by cigarettes and the person Djanha smoker and non smoker. We see what are the reasons for weight gain. Three reasons: 
- Because the nicotine in cigarettes that are helping the human and the loss of weight, leaving the cigarette disappear when the influence of nicotine. 
- And that, when leaving the rights of smoking are held water in the body, leading to an increase in weight. 
- To use the body more calories a result of stopping smoking and therefore the human need to eat more food, resulting in increased caloric intake and thereby increasing the weight of rights. 

- The disadvantages of smoking: 
- Increased heart rate. 
- The body of approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarette per 40 cause disease, including cancer. 
- Exposure to lung cancer and the proportion of women than men: 22-12 
- Exposure to infection and diseases of heart attacks, strokes, chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases. 
- The problems of passive smoking for non-smokers. 

- How to overcome negative habit? 
- Through the use of alternative health habits: 
- Drinking lots of water and juices. 
- Meeting with friends to avoid places where smokers are smoking. 
- The practice of sport. 
- Go to places where smoking is not allowed, including the cinema. 
- Request support and encouragement from friends. 
- Avoid exposure to the positions where the pressure and tension, and you have to postpone the idea of quitting smoking if you have problems to be overcome. 
- Relaxation and sleep. 
- Do not put yourself in a testing phase and you have a final and a one-time smoking cigarettes. 
- You walk a lot. 
- Avoid eating caffeine in any form whatsoever. 
- Eat more vegetables and fruit. 
- Consult a doctor if necessary so the body compensates for the nicotine dose used by the body to be addressed. 
- Stay away from certain habits that you exercised during the Tdechenk of cigarettes, such as reading the newspaper to be rid of this habit 
- Do not bother the increase in weight (mean excessive here) because that is normal with a commitment to a proper diet. 
- When quitting smoking, we find that the body get rid of the effects of the handling of the last cigarette after 12 hours, and starts the heart and lung condition in the restoration of the natural ease with the return of breathing and the disappearance of cough associated with smoking as it reduces the risk of death from diseases related to this bad habit and the most important thing is actively contributing to purifying the air around us. 

- The pressure of life and Alrahpk 
Was in defiance of human life for many of the pressures and therefore result from the injury of numerous diseases, including heart disease, lung disease and nervous colon, neck pain, back pain, depression, insomnia, fatigue, leading to the adoption of the Rights of stimulant to increase focus. But the best solution is rest and recuperation for the shipment and the strength of why you Qguak, learning flexibility, and the propagation of the vitamins will help you to relax, get as much sleep as possible because it benefits your immune, you change in your lifestyle. The psychological treatment of any person who is good in the floor, the floor and kind words of encouragement here, the positive words, when people are encouraged in the harsh conditions of psychological words such as psychological treatment and reduce the impact of tensions and pressures that face and even prevent many infectious diseases such as stomach ulcers , high blood pressure, diabetes, mental illness ... etc.. There are simple and easy method can be performed by any human being to regulate the flow of energy to the body through massage (massage) it is one of the most successful ways to help the human to relax and rest. 

- Environment: 
Rights is the first official whether he wants to live a peaceful life or not, depending on his behavior towards the environment, which would result in improving the conditions of health and human well-being. The relationship between health and the environment, but a complex overlapping of the very health of rights derived from the environment within which they live and live among different variables and the multiple forms and types of environment that we live inside a bit: 
- Agricultural environment. 
- Industrial environment. 
- Financial environment. 
- Political environment. 
- Environment, universities, research centers, scientific institutions. 
- The media environment. 
Environment - public and private sectors. 
Environment - non-governmental bodies such as trade unions. 
Environment - the competent bodies at all levels. 

- Tools of the Environmental Health Department Main: 
- The provision of health information system Albiiipz 
- Identification and definition of environmental risk. 
- Legislative framework for the law binding. 
- Further action officer. 
- Environmental health services. 
- Education and professional training. 
- General information, health-related education. 
- Public participation. 
- A scientific research and technological development. 

- Air: 
Can not live without any living organism is a vital element of air, you can live a few weeks without food, days without water, but you can not live only minutes without air. 
And persons who suffer from problems in Tnevshm lack of access to adequate oxygen affects their lives, and similarly if Tnevsna way Khatipe the air up to the body's cells are not sufficient and therefore affect the operations of the body. There is a simple and easy way to get as much air as possible from the body needs to function efficiently. 
When you wake up to take the same deep and repeated such a thing all day it helps to open the chest and lungs, so that the adequate Aisalhma air breathing lung surface is not only detrimental, but the whole body Vkonk fill only the upper part of the chest and the air because the air does not reach the lung, but only to each cell of the body's cells. 
- There must be adequate ventilation of the house. 
- Tried to eliminate the largest possible time between the green parks and because the air there is fresh air. 
- Breathing through the nose healthier to breathe through the mouth because the mouth membrane heated Moisturizes and purifies the air inside of the body. The correct method of breathing is done through the chest and abdomen, the chest is not only leading to the feeling of weariness and fatigue, but causes anemia and infection of human breathing is not easy. 

- The light of the sun: 
Everything depends on our world in the light of the sun Without the sun can not life on the Earth's surface. The sun's rays destroy the harmful bacteria, and the body has been helping to reduce blood pressure by 8% in addition to the practice of sports activity, and reduce cholesterol, reduce blood sugar impact being such as insulin, and increases the white cells, and facilitate the process of breathing and make it deeper and slower . They also reduce the magic rays of heart rate, and increases the light of the sun from the blood's ability to carry as much as possible and transfer oxygen to the tissues of the body. The mere one-time exposure to ultraviolet light to sunlight increases the oxygen content in the blood and its impact will continue for several days. For asthma patients who find it difficult to breathe after taking a bath in the sun will find breathing easier and less powerless in the heart pulse rate. And more sunlight from the body's ability to produce material Alidrnabann, and gain the body calm and relaxed, especially those who suffer from stomach ulcers. But you must be vigilant against the sun and exposure to them often during the summer so as not to fall victim to sunstroke. 

- Water: 
Water is the best medicine on earth but is the most precious minerals, and water represents about 60% of the total composition of the human body and we can say that many of the cells within the human body swimming in the water. Carrying water, food and oxygen to the tissues and one of the means whereby the body get rid of harmful substances. When the man is assisted by a warm bath to relax and calm the nervous as well as it opens the pores of the skin. And drink water frequently very useful to prevent Bhsoat kidney infection, constipation, and avoiding the rights to be the same or the smell of urine is smelly, and we find that the body loses about 12 Cuba of water through sweat through the skin and lung of the more frequent that you drink water when waking up from sleep all day. 

- And draw from the foregoing that there are determinants of health: 
- The level of income and social status: not intended by the amount of wealth here, but how to distribute so as to enable individuals to take more positive steps towards health. No doubt that the higher the income level where there is potential that the person can maintain their health, and also the higher the social status as a positive contribution to the quality of human life, not here necessarily requires the availability of material capabilities, but we mean the high level of awareness and health education, maintenance health does not only require money in many cases, Valenzafp can be the basis for our health and the prevention of many diseases. 

- Social support networks: that helps and encourages people to deal with the adjustment and attitudes and living conditions. The Specialist in the Social Affairs to work or school or university, psychologists, social institutions of the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

- Education: is a combination of information and skills that an individual to cope with the challenges of life and unable to participate in the community for employment and other activities. 

- And conditions of employment: the conditions of those on the economic stability and environmental health-related work. 

- Elements of the environment: the protection of water, air and soil, to provide adequate housing, food ... etc.. 

- Health services: The provision of services in primary care and preventive health, including raising a child before and after birth as well as providing special services to lift the immune system, increased health education programs. 

- Child-rearing to health: in the presence of positive paternity and maternity and the provision of vaccinations. 

- Practice personal: the behavior of every person to be able to protect itself from which the disease through the many challenges confronting the development of capacity for self-reliance and problem-solving to increase the opportunities for support and promotion of health. 

- Genetic factors: the capacity of a child born at the autopsy and the psychological and mental, which has evolved with the life cycle. 

- Steps to a healthy lifestyle: 
- You follow the following: 
- Helping others. 
- You have to be sensitive but not influenced by everything going on around you. 
- All fresh food. 
- Drink lots of water. 
- Wear cotton clothing or any normal tissue of your skin can breathe through it. 
- Avoid negative people and ideas. 
- Learn how to laugh. 
- Stop watch serious television news, especially if you are in a bad psychological state. 
- Follow the diet balanced properly. 
- March sport. 
- Stay Thbora You do not slow the frustration of the results. 
- Spend most of the time with those you love. 
- Always remember you You are responsible only for the process of change is not waiting for others to make you such a step. 
- Start by changing your thoughts to see the healthy life that they are not deprived of the things that you like to see this change as an adventure of discovery and the results you want. 
- Far from everything, and a negative means frustration, whether in the form of ideas or people. 
- In the end, we find that compliance with the law of natural health-based moderation in every and any thing is the simplest and easiest ways to prevent health and safe ... Think about that good?!