The importance of vegetables and fruit

 * Deal with different types of vegetables and fruit per day: 
Fruits and vegetables are the key to your food daily. Dealing with different types of vegetables and fruits will help you and protect you from heart disease and some types of cancers and stroke. 
Our bodies, which provide the vitamins, minerals, fiber and other materials important to build good health. 

Dealing with most people, including children, a small amount of fruit and vegetables, but to build a sound health must be addressed, at least 250 grams of fruit and 375 grams of vegetables per day. 

* The importance of vegetables and fruits: 
Fruits and vegetables are rich in high-value food. 
There are some species regarded as an important source of vitamin (A) and other types of vitamin-rich (C) C, folate or potassium. There are other types of fiber-rich or related to the construction of good health. 
Vegetables with dark green and dark-colored fruits and legumes such as beans, peas and beans are rich in high-value food. 
Some of these species are rich in fiber and some other easy to prepare. 
Guaranteed to eat more fruits and vegetables, you lack of access to high calories. 
Better to deal with fruits and vegetables as they are and not Kaaasir as the juice does not contain fiber. 

Q: What are the types of useful fruit diet: 
This is a list of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin (A) a, (C) C, folate, potassium. Where dark color as it contains more vitamins and minerals: 

* Sources of vitamin (A) a: 
- All citrus fruits - juice - Kiwi - Strawberry - Alcantalub. 
- Broccoli (broccoli) - pepper - tomato - cabbage - potatoes. 
- Green leaves of vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. 

* Sources of folate: 
- And cooked dried beans and peas. 
- Orange juice. 
- Dark-colored vegetables such as spinach. 

* Sources of potassium: 
- Roast potatoes, vegetables, cooked like spinach. 
- A lot of bananas, dried fruit and orange juice. 
- Cooked beans and lentils.