Mineral elements of food


Enters in the composition of bones and teeth, and in the absence of calcium in the 

Daily diet, the body resorts to the bones and take them, and this 

Lead to tooth and bone also showed that calcium helps 

Get rid of some toxic metals such as lead. 

If the calcium component of many benefits including: 

1 .. Makes teeth healthy and bones strong. 

2 .. Reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. 

3 .. Protects muscles from stiffening. 

4 .. Accelerate the process of blood clotting. 


This element is the role of an anti-stress and psychological and sensitivity 

Infections and toxic substances. 

The organization is also working on the temperature of the body and on the composition of protein 

Food and digestion generated 

Of energy. 

The consequences of a lack of magnesium: 

1 .. Alvajye feeling dizzy, loss of balance. 

2 .. Kagheimp see the point of small flashes to the eye. 

3 .. hair loss and tooth decay and broken nails. 

4 .. Eye defibrillators. 

5 .. Alqub highway. 

6 .. Sensitivity and very rapid changes in the weather. 

7 .. Insomnia. 

8 .. defibrillators. 

Here it is worth mentioning that this element is essentially 

In the soil, we are drawn through the plants. 


Thanks to this component of the blood oxygen delivered 'me all the body's cells. 

And iron deficiency leads' lack of Li production of valuable antibodies, and the reasons 

Iron deficiency can be determined as follows: 

1 .. Lack of iron in the amount of iron in food intake. 

2 .. inactivity and poor activity. 

3 .. The loss of a large quantity of blood. 

4 .. there was something wrong in the process of absorption. 


Help Astglab protein, fat and sugars, which is one of the 

The main vehicle for the bones and teeth, helps improve and increase the proportion of 

The absorption of calcium. 


Active enzymes work, and Marhamh can be used to speed up the healing of wounds, 

The lack of this metal may be due to the following: 

1 .. Deficiencies in the work of the thyroid gland. 

2 .. Liver disease. 

3 .. A defect in the process of absorption. 

4 .. Not contain the food intake of sufficient quantities of it. 

The work determined the following: 

1 .. Vitamin A helps the performance of his task. 

2 .. A role in the formation of bone. 

3 .. Anti-viruses and toxins. 

4 .. accelerate the healing of wounds and burns, which is useful in the treatment of anemia 

And rheumatism, and inflation and prostate ulcer diseases. 


Facilitate the work of vitamin E, the shortage will lead to: 

1 .. Death localized in the liver and pancreas. 

2 .. Changes in heart muscle. 

The increase of this component will lead to: 

1 .. Dental caries. 

2 .. atrophy of the nails and hair loss.