- Most people today have less time to select and prepare food and even dealt with what was days of our forefathers and our fathers. 

But fast food has many advantages and wish and, for many reasons, including speed, ease of access .. It is also an alternative to cooking at home for the life of permanent concern and lifestyle among all families, but there are also disadvantages of fast food in the portions of high Fe intake and fat and saturated fat, sugars and salts. 

And despite the fact that some restaurants and shops have started to enter some of the Mandated adjustments such as the use of vegetable oils in Rouging, the use of spices in the least thermal Sartha, fat-free meat, grill options, and low fat Milk Chic .. It is indispensable that the person checks in the test meals and fast in order to keep the healthy choices of food, a balanced food is not easy (to preserve the balance of food) to know that there is sufficient administrative and cooking method on the example of this: there are some foods cook large quantities of oil and butter and this is not a good choice for those who want to reduce the amount of fat or to the health of the descent of any fat people in general .. In addition to fast food encourages excessive in dealing with the delicious taste. The fast food lacks the availability of vegetables and fresh fruit. In general, patients with high blood pressure, diabetics, and heart patients should eat fast food carefully and also the result of carefully chosen to contain high levels of fat and sodium and sugars. 

* Recommendations to address the fast-food: 
- To know how many calories, the amount of fat and salt in the diet helps a person in the rapid identification of Achtiarth sound, there are some restaurants that show the food values of their food. 

- As is the responsibility of the person who wants to keep its food to choose Otamth in restaurants, which are bought from shops and the special dishes, vegetables and soup. 


- Taking into account some of the advice of some foods: 
- Pizza: The types of pizza in the least amount of cheese with the choice of fillers in the proportions of the less fat, such as onions and mushrooms and green peppers and tomatoes and other vegetables. 

- Sandwiches: It is better to choose the types of flour, bread sincere best croissant and biscuits because they are the Ihtwa significant amount of fat, and the contents of Roast beef sandwich free of fat, the flesh of turkeys, chicken breasts. 

- Worked for: the selection of pieces of meat without the addition of cheese or Alsos .. The tomatoes, onions, Zaid and more lettuce is the safest option, with the reduction of French fries. 

- Meat, poultry, fish: 
Search for grilled meat and baked and boiled away from the meat away from the fries with sauces, Alsos. 

- Alslatat: dealing with the wealth of dishes in their own vegetables and stay away from Twablha and applied in a separate request .. Away from the cheese as it high in fat and portions. Order dishes with the power of vinegar, spices or lemon juice as possible available. 

- Sweet dishes: address dishes containing fruit as possible. 

- Dealing with small amounts of food and leave more of it. 

- Set yourself a real meal to be addressed in the absence of excessive fast food such as yogurt, vegetables and fruit. 

- To address fast-food carefully and without excessive, it is possible to contribute to the diet and add value to your food. And a person familiar with what it eats will affect positively on health and the health of their children to eat a healthy diet the same. Variety and moderation are the key to a healthy diet for kids and adults alike.