Five steps to healthy men:

- Can now stop your habits so that they can avoid the bad problems that you experience can be with time. 

You can follow these steps to keep sexual health as well as vitamins that Tjnbug address some of the symptoms of disease and disability early. 
1 - stop smoking: 
Smoking is mainly responsible for the diseases that lead to death: lung cancer and heart disease. It is also possible to have an impact on your sex life. So stop this bad habit before it is too late and used the products to help you quit smoking. 
There is still a chance once Amtnaek smoking will feel much better in your lungs. 
Remember to always go back to smoking again would be fatal. Experts say that by close contact with smokers can increase the risk of lung cancer by You 60%. 

2 - get rid of obesity: 
Suffered a large proportion of obese men, they have more than 20% above normal weight, obesity does not harm Epeshklk only aesthetic but also threaten your life, Valsmnp related to heart disease, diabetes, back pain and high cholesterol and blood pressure. 
What is the solution? Exercise, reducing alcohol, reducing the fat in your food, eat too much fruit and vegetables, grains, beans, meat and avoid high-fat products daily. 
* Remember: do not exceed the proportion of fat in the Jbatk of 30%. 

3 - Regular exercise: 
What is the best way to lose weight? A healthy diet with exercise, at least for a period of 30 minutes per day. (Running, cycling, rowing) three to five times a week. 
I start to lose weight three times a week whenever you have more muscle, the proportion of calories burnt it. 
Make Tmarenk sports daily Rutink In Ijazatk weekly. 
Make your home in the private health club, or join a health club near you. 

4 - The use of vitamins and aspirin: 
An apple a day with vitamins and minerals and a half aspirin you in good health. There are some products that help to good health. 

* Antioxidants: When you make your life there are some diseases that can be Tsepk such as the blue water on the eye, clogged arteries, heart disease, but antioxidants can help you to avoid these diseases is in the form of: 
- Vitamin (a): from 5-6 Melligramat day. 
- Vitamin (c): from 500 - 1000 Melligramat day. 
- Vitamin (e): around 100 (a) IU per day. 
- Calcium: 800 Melligramat a day, makes the bones strong. 
- Zinc: 10-15 Melligramat of the day, is very important for the efficiency of the pancreas. 
- Multi-vitamins: They contain significant amount of vitamins and minerals. 

Q: What is the benefit of aspirin? 
The studies that deal with children aspirin tablets every day can reduce the risk of a heart attack, but must consult your doctor before use especially if you suffer from problems in digestion. Avoid mixing aspirin with alcohol because it can cause internal bleeding. 

5 - Avoid the sun: 
- A sun-skin cancer. There are more than a million new cases each year: 
- Use the cream against the sun, even in the days full of clouds. 
- Stay away from the sun in summer, from ten in the morning to noon the second. 
- Wear a hat and clothing color chapeau protect you from the sun.