How are your nutritional program to increase the weight (large muscle)

- The increase in weight (large muscle) the concern of every game Mptdiy Bodybuilding and an even 
Key players of the applicants and professionals. 
- Is the most important elements of nutrition in the game, followed by rest and exercise Without those three elements, or breach of 
In one of your body will not make progress. 
- Must be a player, but bodybuilding will continue in the long program will be large, because his body fat Aktar, leading to difficulty or the length of the loss of which would have been walking with a syndrome that has been in the muscle fat. 
- You must look at your body through the woman or by a friend or Mdrbak to learn the amount of progress made by the side of course, the measurement of weight and also to look at your body fat and it is noted to increase the magnitude of the stop and show a loss of excess weight. 
- For the rest Fjsmk Angvl component will not grow and increase in training you must receive from 7 to 8 hours 
Of uninterrupted sleep in order to give your body the opportunity to serve and grow muscle fitness. 
- As we know during the period of weight gain we have to eat more calories than break 
Need a player of about 40 to 50 calories per kilo of body weight at approximately magnitude. 
But should not a player Bodybuilding stop a certain amount of calories as long as he wants to increase the weight increase of the thermal Sarath continuously up to Meridh to increase the weight then start to stop increasing the calories. 

Account in order to learn and calories of food available should know the following 

1 - each 1 gram protein gives 4 calories. 
2 - each 1 gram carbohydrate gives 4 calories. 
3 - each 1 gram fat gives 9 calories. 

When we start in the program of the magnitude of the food, we must know the amount of calories that we are dealing with during the day. 
Where, owing to the knowledge of the amount entered our food, where we will increase this amount, about 
500 to 700 calories in the beginning. 
Then we will increase the amount of calories then 300 to 500 calories every two weeks through our food. 

The following is an illustrative example 

There's about dealing with daily 2000 calories and wants to work a diet to gain weight within 12 to 16 a week 

Week 1-2 deals with 2500 calories a day 
Week 3-4 deals with 2800 calories a day 
Week 5 to 6 addresses the 3100 calories a day 
Week 7-8 deals with 3400 calories a day 
Week 9 to 10 dealing with 3700 calories a day 
Week 11-12 deals with 4000 calories a day 
If the player that he had arrived to where he wants to increase or to increase the proportion of fat was liposuction depends on the increase in calories. 

Divided calories, depending on the available food as the next 
50% of the total daily calories from carbohydrates 
30% of the total daily calories from protein 
20% of the total daily calories from fat. 

These percentages Btakhtlv from another player, but that percentage, which I considered it appropriate and Khasta of the few players ill and needed expertise. 

The following is a simplified explanation of the components of this system: 

First: carbohydrate: 
Per player and need plenty of carbohydrates to supply energy crisis. 
We know the fact that the increase in the amount of carbohydrate intake will lead to increase the proportion of body fat 
But there is another fact that the lack of the quantity of carbohydrate intake will lead to the use of protein and other nutrients as an energy source, which is unacceptable. 
Regarded as the proportion of carbohydrate from 40 to 50 percent of the total calories per well. 

We must also differentiate between types of carbohydrates simple and complex 
Falcrbohaidarat such as simple sugars and preferably dealt with after the exercise is not directly addressed in the preferred other times it Ptzid of the rapid insulin sensitivity, which will lead to fat gain is faster 
The complex carbohydrates are working slowly, which makes it a vital source of carbohydrates in the food program because they do nothing to increase rapidly, such as fat, simple 
It is also an essential source of energy during exercise 

The following are mentioned some of the sources of carbohydrates: 
1 - simple carbohydrates (found in sweets - fruit - raw sugar - some food and contain a large proportion of sugar - some food supplements containing a high proportion of Aldquistrozz) 
2 - complex carbohydrates (found in rice - pasta - potatoes - beans - vegetables - bread - oats) 

II: protein: 
It is necessary to build muscle tissue where the player needs to bodybuilding from 1 to 2 grams protein per kilo of body weight. 
The proportion of protein from 30 to 40% of the total caloric intake adequate proportion to the growth of Adilatk. 
The following is a presentation of the best sources of protein: 
(You can solder the red - of the chicken - egg white - milk - fish of all kinds, and also not lose sight of a protein food supplement Wye) 

The fat: 
Some people will see that eating fat will increase the accumulation (storage) of body fat there is a difference between foods containing fat and stored body fat. 
Must know that there are two types of fats are saturated fats and unsaturated fats 
Saturated fats are to be addressed in order to stay away from is that he dealt with the increased accumulation of body fat and increased health risks such as heart disease and bad cholesterol 
The unsaturated fats are essential to increase the body's production of hormones and hormone Khasta Testosterone, a natural fatty acids (Efa) essential fatty acids 

One of the most important sources of unsaturated fats (good): 
Yes, fish is not surprised by the source of fish protein and good fats, as well as olive oil and some kinds of nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds. 

IV supplements used during the large 

1 - creatinine: 
It is necessary during the weight gain is normal, and security help build muscle and increase strength and endurance 

2 - Glutamine: 
Valine is a derivative of a natural protein and security is also used primarily for muscle recovery after exercise as not to keep the demolition of the muscle tissue and helps to maintain high levels of nitrogen muscle fiber. 

3 - vitamin supplement: 
Where we must deal with a complement of vitamins, because we can not deal with all kinds of vegetables and fruits during the day. 
Is therefore necessary to address it also helps in the treatment of stress and increase health and immune activity. 

4 - Wye protein: 
It is a source of protein Ajawad even faster absorption and help to complete the representation of protein per day and the crisis is necessary to immediately after exercise. It handled 30 to 40 grams with any 70 to 80 grams carbohydrate, preferably the kind of simple yet essential exercise for muscle recovery after exercise. 

You should divide the daily caloric Saratk several meals during the day from 5 to 7 meals a day 

So that if you took the amount of thermal Saratk 3 or 4 and the first meal will not feel hungry for the other meals because the body uses the second of those volumes, but Sbarv part of it and the rest stored in the form of fat, which would weaken the Almiata Bolzim Creamier you gain more. Therefore, food must be divided into small meals and a meal every 2 to 3 hours. 

There are some foods that should stay away from them, such as: 
1 - fast food for Htwaiha the high calories of fat, especially saturated 
2 - white meat or fat of the meat, which is also fat saturated fat. 
3 - French fries (fried in oil) 
4 - Pizza and ice cream and sweets. 
5 - duck and geese, also by a large proportion of saturated fat. 

But do not deprive yourself of them once and it can make a day of the week eating, but you want to quickly approach. 

Finally, do not forget weight training should play a heavy weight and is Tkark m from 4 to 8 repetition 
Atmrn 3-4-day week is appropriate and the best way to obtain the magnitude of muscle, particularly from the point of my personal experience and through.