Sports in our daily lives

* Journal of sport: 
The daily life of any person that is living inside the house .. The practice is to work .. And keep him going at any place Ervh by himself, how is sport in the three phases of the daily? 

* Inside the house: 

What are the characteristics of the active life within the home? Safety and comfort without the trouble of moving from place to place, and your children a chance to see you in the event of permanent movement and activity which makes you set an example for them in the exercise of any other activity. 
- To be the combination of exercises and other activities such as watching television and the purchase of a sport may be the best solution because it provides the time and effort and money as it is an economic fact that all family members can use these tools as you wish to exercise its activities in any hour of the day . 

- Do the housework instead of resorting to another person. 

- To work in small Hdiktk If you have one, or even plants that are in the balcony of your own small window. 

- Walk or ride a bicycle for the purchase of goods at the store to go to instead of driving. 

- Walk before breakfast and after dinner or before and after together, and start 5-10 minutes up to 30 minutes. 

- Sitting while watching television instead of lying in repose. 

- Go to drink water instead of a request from any other person. 

- During the stand to talk on the phone. 

- Wearing sports shoes when going shopping for you to walk for longer periods. 

- Prolongation of the attempt to access objects in remote locations, and flexible access to things that are in the ground level. 


* In the Office: 

Take most of the time .. You in your work requires more Matqdih in your home, and these are the best options available to you to practice sports. 

- Discuss things with your colleagues and you walk around the room. 

- During the stand to talk on the phone. 

- Climb the stairs instead of elevator outages. 

- Walking while waiting for anything. 

- Walk around the building work to pick you at the time of rest. 

- Registration Deadline sport on the agenda if the date of your important dates for your business. 

- In the case of passenger cars as well as the means of transportation which tried to go far from home to walk a bit. 


* Leisure time: 

Leisure is the time of relaxation, recreation and leisure, play also can be the revitalization of the body during this time. 

- Hiking during the holidays to go to swimming or cycling. 

- Go to see new places in the city on bicycles. 

- An interview of friends and sports activities together. 

- Sitting in front of the seashore, rather than lying on the sand or a hobby or exercise Altmsheep kites or plastic. 

- During the practice golf, you move between locations instead of using the means of movement for these sports. 

- The exercise of the individual sport of tennis or sports Alrki instead of marriage.