How to lose weight?

* Lose weight: 
- This time, he would not advise you, but I would advise myself. Increase in weight, has become the nightmare of drawback is, once you address the various types of foods without the expense of thin I do not care quantity or type of food, which address ... 

Listen to a complaint Abject else I have ... Now piteous in the first degree ... I estimated at not more successful and drew myself a failure of the plans of food ... I am thinking again and again in the type of food, which I will address the ... I am fond of Baheikulath but I can not dare to touch and even a small piece of them ... I did not think one day I Sotazb all this suffering ... And describe myself as well as my fault because the fault since the beginning of my followers, the lack of health steps to maintain the quality of life and the lack of Tardy great deal to gain or obesity or additional kilograms of slim skinny. If you join with me in this column correspond to the miserable and implement these steps with me and you labor. 
1 - goal-setting by your doctor: 
Doctor can help you properly and are correct on the correct objectives and these objectives are dependent primarily on: 
Weight, height and age. 
And needs of men and women who make an effort (active) to about 2,500 calories per day. The other women and men who are not actively doing a great need for only about 2000 calories a day. The plan is safe and effective weight loss is to deal with foods that contain less calories by 300 to 500 on the ratios mentioned earlier to see about half a kilo in one week. 

2 - Exercise: 
Walking fast in the majority of days a week. The idea behind this is to burn more calories more than those found in foods that address. You need to be addressed by the burning of calories by calories per day to the other stored in the fat body. 

3 - dealing with carbohydrates and fat percentages below: 
This will help to alleviate the rates and the rates of caloric intake and body rates. Foods fried in oil or ghee in addition to candy containing the fat also has the benefit of helping to deal with the burning of calories per day even though it does not Tmdk materials your body needs. 
- Tips to burn calories and get rid of fat: 
- Dealing with many of the vegetables, fruits and grains such as bread and rice. 
- Meals in small quantities and limited rich or high in fat and portions. 
- Address the sugars and sweets in quantities less than the usual. 
- Dealing with less alcohol. 
- Remove the skin of any type of meat or fat when consumed. 
- Eat grilled. 
- Dealing with skim yogurt. 
- Dealing with the frozen yogurt rather than ice cream. 
- Deal with fat-free dairy products, cheese and a little Dhunh. 
- Choose foods that indicate that the specifications of the proportions of fat or low in calories. 

4 - Favorite food Otamtk address: 
Is bound to tend to a meal or type of food you could add a quantity of fat and calories and you do not need, can be addressed, but in small quantities, and you should also make sure that the rest of the food is covered in your Dhunh low heat and Sarath. 

5 - dealt with the type of food: 
This diversity help you to get all the vitamins and other foodstuffs that you need. 

6 - Beware of the "diet": 
It is deceptive and false promises you quick and easy to lose weight because it depends primarily on addressing the proliferation of a particular type of food or severely reduce a different type, and therefore do not give your body a chance to benefit from the food they need on a regular basis or have these systems is truly severe food but it is not. 

7 - What about the pill Dieting?! 
Address diet pills without a medical consultation or more precisely the prescription, will not contribute to a wide margin the amount of the lack of weight per week or the time it needs to get rid of kilograms in excess of the limit. If you used to read the instruction very well and very carefully in view of the cause of the symptoms of side effects such as: high blood pressure, so do not never think to take more doses and allowed you to beware of drugs with cough or cold cereal diet without consulting a doctor, it is possible that These medications contain the same content of diet pills or have a similar impact, and that means that doubling the amount of the same medicine, and this Iardk of the damage at the same doses of the additional allowed for that should be consulted a doctor or pharmacist. These grains have an effective impact with some of the persons can be used but after the referendum. 
If able to develop yourself a plan and an effective program to lose weight, and to ensure your success you have already or is that up to the following: 
- Lack of exposure to any health risks when Vkdk weight. 
- Maintaining the rate of loss of weight. 
- Follow a healthy diet. 
- Keeping the exercise. 
- A plan setting out the actual amount of Stvkdh weight and how long the Stvkdh. 

Any sound that the key to all this lies in the movement and reduce the quantities of food, which covered ... So as not to regret in the optimal day.