Advice and guidance for the retention of elements of the food

1 .. Olgvep diligence on the purchase, such as fresh fruit and vegetables a day as needed. 

2 .. Replace fresh food when available, instead of the food refrigerated and stored. 

3 .. Address what can be dealt with vegetables and fresh fruit stands 

Through direct consumption and by the authorities as much as possible. 

4 .. Lack of conservation and storage of food (with the exception of foods for keeping dry) 

For more than several days. 

5 .. Must not fall vegetables and fruits in water for a period of twelve long-laundered, but money for food products must be the shortest period of time and with the least amount of water. 

6 .. Avoid peeling vegetables and fruits as possible. 

7 .. Without recourse to the cooking water as possible. 

8 .. Add salt only when eating and avoid added when cooking 

Vegetables and fruits. 

9 .. Should be retained and addressed Tabkp salad with cooked article. 

10 .. Avoid a repetition of heating food. 

11 .. Eating cooked immediately after preparation and to avoid large Tboukhat 

For more than a day. 

12 .. Avoid eating cereal products Almnjulp in the event of non-availability of alternatives 

Mnjulp them. 

13 .. Shorten the duration of cooking to a minimum to reduce the impact of temperature on the 

Nutrients and reduce the oxidation process by: 

A - the lifting of the pots on the fire at the start of Balndoj. 

B - a good warm stove in advance and prior to the development of materials for cooking 


Heat the water to be used in the preparation of the diet to the point 

Boiling before adding the material prepared for cooking. 

14 .. Non-cut fruits and vegetables before cooking and self Ptkotaiaha 

To cut a relatively large when necessary to reduce the oxidation process and the maceration 

Cirrus elements in water. 

The definition of food 

Organizations known as the Food and Agriculture Organization Food and Health 

The world as any substance, whether manufactured or semi-manufactured 

If the raw or prepared for human consumption. 

In this definition we exclude of course: tobacco, drugs, materials 

Cosmetics and other ..... 


We can not continue to live without the energy is derived, 

And energy that the body can only use the energy 

Chemicals in food, and therefore must be achieved 

Food the following functions: 

1 .. Secure the necessary materials for construction and renovation within the body. 

2 .. Provide the power required to work. 

3 .. Reactivation of the immune system and thus the body resistance to disease. 

\ Post-food 

Have two basic 

1 .. Body-building materials, maintenance and renewal as they 

Constitute the only source of body-building elements of various members of the 

Bones and muscles, blood and blood vessels and nerves. 

B - are the only source for the formation and secretion of milk at the breast 

Lactating women. 

2 .. Limit as the energy needed to heat the body and that of: 

A - to maintain a fixed temperature in all weather conditions at the 

Class / 37 / C. 

B - to enable him to work physiological others involuntarily Cdoran 

Blood and respiratory and digestive gland secretion, and the automated ... etc.. 

C - to enable the body to carry out the work and activities of the various physical 

Kalmshee and the practice of sport and household services, and reading and writing. 

D - to enable the body to carry out the internal operations of chemical Kalhim