And snacks for the appropriate weight

 Snacks and fitness: 
- Is described as a light meal is responsible for the spread of the epidemic of obesity among many people. 

But if the employment rights the right way will come good and positive results of fitness "health challenge Valojbp light of your appetite and maintain an ideal weight but lose kilograms of weight and support your body's energy." 

* For better health: 
- The reduction of calories, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal that people who consume many of the snacks and meals in addition to the daily rates of cholesterol have significantly less of those who eat fewer meals. The researchers noted that eating on a continuous basis (repeatedly throughout the day) makes the rate of insulin in the body stable and these lead to low secretion rates of cholesterol when the body's metabolism of food. 
Valmfattah is to increase the number of meals and not eat of the total calories, you are covered by the division of foods into smaller quantities and frequent meals. The banana is one of the best snacks in the middle of the day and you can deal with half a tuna sandwich in the food and the other half after noon. 

- The use of the snack food to fill the gap, if you suspect that the lack of food Jbatk in protein or essential vitamins and minerals you eat snacks to fill this gap, suffice 8 ounces (about 31 ounce grams) of yogurt or a glass of skimmed milk helps meet your requirements of protein and calcium daily. 

- Grain, you are an important source of folate, cereals, suffice amount and one of them or you the choice of fresh fruit or Alkhaddraruat because they represent a tremendous wealth of vitamins and antioxidants and fiber. 

- Nuts, a huge source of protein, fiber and essential foodstuffs, including magnesium, potassium and folate. Studies have linked the frequent consumption of nuts on cardiovascular health, although the proportion of high calories and fat. Commitment by you and one ounce (approximately 160 calories), about 28 tablets peanuts, 23 almonds pill. 

* For more energy: 
- If you are looking for foods that sharpen your energy during sports or during the hours of work, you forget the low-carbohydrate foods in the fiber tensile, but it is more energy for you to deal with a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates and fats, which do not pass through the digestive system quickly. 

- An hour early to eat before sports activity, Valjry on empty stomachs, "Ask your car!". Eat meals which are a combination of the two-thirds carbohydrate and one-third of the proteins and fats, make the type of sports activity and efforts by the effort is the fundamental criterion for judging the amount that will be addressed. If you exercise 45 rigorous cardiovascular exercises + 20 minutes of weight training, you burn 500 calories or more, so 100 is not enough calories from yogurt and needs of 250 to 300 calories. 

- Eating in 20 minutes after the sports activity, withdraw from the exercise of energy (Glycogen), which is stored in muscle and liver (you need to consume 200 calories and you have tested the snack containing carbohydrates and proteins, such as a glass of low fat milk Baheikulath and apple and a half sandwich meat turkeys. 

* The loss of weight: 
- Choose a snack that gives you full satiety, and this way you can deal with more parts and thus fill a gap in your stomach is Balimtla. Search for meals that contain water and fiber, such as vegetables with a few spoons of soup and fruit also of orange and apple and pear. 

- Mkk trained, whenever they feel more substantial meal after Balimtla address. So you got that you are deceiving the senses on many of them resort to foods that have no regular form, such as popcorn, power and high cereal fiber tensile It gives you the sense that they are many and therefore the sense of satiety is the inevitable result is real. 

- To increase the percentage of protein is significantly better than carbohydrates alone are not solved quickly, such as carbohydrates, therefore remaining longer. Reduction of saturated fat to take up low-fat yogurt, white cheese. If you want to calculate the number of daily Jeramat you need to hit you in the body weight of 0.4. 

- Harib fat dairy products, and research has shown that people who eat three amounts of yogurt per day (1,100 mg of calcium) for 12 weeks lost about 22% by weight, more fat people that get the 500 mg "vehicles in working with dairy products to increase calcium enzymes that catalyze the dissolution of fat and reduce the production of enzymes that cause fat. " Valojbat light such as yogurt Vlel fat or skim milk will help to meet the requirements of Alujp 1,000 mg. 

* To maintain weight: 
- Develop a budget for Ojbatk light, to know the number of calories consumed between meals Qdmat. By multiplying the weight in the 14 (if you are in the business of sports several times a week) and then ask the number of calories consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the rest is allowed for you to snack on this day. The second option is to follow a per cent calories per hour in other words, that the food contains 400 calories should have a duration of four hours if the food they eat at noon and you need to eat light at the fourth and, if not six o'clock dinner of more than 200 light meal price heat. 

- Control of the proportions of foods, even healthy foods can cause you to increase in weight. Therefore, you should calculate and measure the calories of the foods with which it deals. 

- Reliance on the fiber, it helps to control weight (which is recommended daily consumption of at least 25 grams). Internal pressure can eat apples, fresh vegetables, popcorn, nuts.