Free consultations for beauty

* The beauty of women: 
- A woman trying to make a big effort to take care of hair and weight and the same, 

- These are some questions that could be Tsolleha to yourself a lot, Here is the answer: 

Q: What do I do if my hair light? 
A: It is well known that hair can not be discharged light and the work of a particular form, the use of fluids Restoratives hair a lot more of weakness and make it more difficult for demobilization. Therefore, if the hair of this type the use of liquid enrichment Tjunbi hair only if it is very necessary and not more than once a month. 

Q: What can I do to lose weight, although I tried with all kinds of food without the benefit? 
A: The purpose of the process of Dieting to lose weight is to maintain health, not just fast or punishment for yourself .. It is important in this process is the adoption of the resolution so it Tsamimk .. Here are some tips for that .. 

- Try to Tqomi any meaningful daily activity, which activates the process of metabolism and burning body fat. 

- Try to wear sports clothes as soon as Astiqazk directly from sleep and exercise the morning because it activates blood circulation and increase the process of metabolism. 

- Eat breakfast before the morning juice and this juice to lose weight is to clean up the side of your body of toxins. 

- Must be the diet and meal package of vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins, not limited to a certain type of food. 

- Try to Tcherbi a lot of water because it helps the body get rid of the toxins and if you do not like drinking water to water frequently add some lemon juice. 

Q: What can I do to lighten natural hair color? 
C: possible to open their Tqomi hair color mixing Alcamomcil with lemon juice and Ozeih on your hair, especially at the top of the head, and Acili in the sun for 30 minutes and then after that Use Shampoo hair and fluids to restore moisture to it. 

Q: What about garlic pills Is it safe? 
C: garlic tablets are used for natural Kmadrat Paul. But we must learn that women under the age of 18 years of age should not be used and must not be used for a long time because they will lose their effect (if used for a long time) and the rate allowed by the CD and the one before eating. 

Q: What can I do to make my eyes seem small big? 
A: Do you learn to make clothing such as a sense that as the makeup was dark as the small size of the eyes and to make your eyes wide Tstamli must be light on the front under the lids, if you want to identify Tstamli eye Tstamli not identify the dark as well as the use of combing eyelashes further expand the area of Al Ain all of them. 

Q: How do I look natural and not burdensome? 
C: in the belief that the use of soft drinks on the face of medical material, such as Gluten make a beautiful impression to that effect with the use of mascara and lip color all this leads to a healthy beautiful landscape for you. 

Q: How do I use the eye to determine accurately because it does not look good when used in? 
C: identification of your use of the eye you want people to consider you and not the Macaiajk. 
Learn the Registry and to determine the eye is the best means to Taataji with them, especially if it has the top sponge. 
We must Tbdii in determining the upper lids first, inner side of the eye and lids Tjali so tight that you can deliver the line in determining the eye lashes and Tsraei of the work that is destined to the outside and then Do the same with the lower lids. 
Then Use a sponge and lightly Amshei even get out to influence fashion, and fine landscape Tjali to my part of the powder over the lines.