Eating healthy food is a balanced

* Eating healthy: 
- Nutrition experts insist that the food is healthy food a balanced, moderate in quantity and in different species. 

This means dealing with different types of food, but without dealing with a large amount of calories, or a large quantity of one type of food. 

- There are ten ideas that we can to follow this advice and enjoy eating at the same time: 

1) dealing with different types of food-rich food: 
Everyone needs a 40 different type of food for the validity of a sound, as one type of food does not meet the purpose. Types of foods that must be dealt with every day including: bread (or types of products, apostasy), fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, and other types of foods that contain protein. 
Must be approved by the amount of food covered by the proportion of calories you need. 

2) eating plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables: 
Must be addressed in an appropriate quantity of rice, bread, different products made from grain. 
Side of copious quantities of fruit from 250 to 500 grams. 
And vegetables from 375 to 625 grams. 

3) Keep the appropriate weight: 
Ideal weight depends on many factors including: gender (male, female), height, age, and genetic factors. 
Increase in body weight, You increase the chance of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and types of tumors and other diseases. 
But at the same time, thin the excess can be a dangerous, where you will be an exhibition of osteoporosis, and for women occur in the irregular menstrual cycle and other health problems. 
If you regularly lose some kilograms of weight, then gained again, can help nutrition expert in this regard by healthy meals and healthy so that they can control the weight of your body. 
Regular exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight. 

4) dealing with moderate amounts of food: 
If dealt with moderate amounts of food, it will be easy for you to eat you want and stay in a healthy state. 
For example: the size of a piece of meat to be dealt with in the day, weighing 95 grams, and a medium piece of fruit weighing 125 grams, and a cup of pasta is equal to 250 grams. 

5) eat regular meals: 
Left and the basic meal of meals, eating, lead to significantly in one meal, and lack of control over the sense of hunger. 
When hunger is strongly interested in and then do not need to eat healthy and eat more food. The intake of food between the light and healthy meals basic help in controlling hunger and thus did not address a large quantity of food at one time. But do not eat this meal a lot of light so as not to become a fourth basic meal. 

6) reduced some of the meals do not refrain from addressing it: 
Many of the people food for comfort and nutrition at the same time. 
If Oclatk favorite high-fat, or salt or sugar, the key to dealing with these qualities is the balance, which is covered by the amount of food this time and how to deal with. 
Identified the basic elements of these materials in the core and Jbatk Add some of the changes if possible. Adults who eat meat are high in fat or full fat dairy products at each meal, equal to the proportion of high-fat. 
Read the contents of food on each product to help you balance between work and Jbatk Journal. 
Choose low-fat dairy products and meat cutting and light fat-free. 
If you love chicken reddish, you just want to reduce the address. 

7) The balance between the choice of types and Jbatk: 
When the type of food you eat high-fat, or salt, or carbohydrates then select another type of food free of these materials. 
If we do not address a particular type of food on your addressing the following day until the balance between different types of food. 
Your choice of the types of food that must be addressed in a balanced and varied. 

8) is well aware of your food: 
To improve your food, it must first be aware of what is wrong with this system. 
Write everything you eat for 3 days, for example: Do the many butter or fat in your food. 
Instead of reducing these foods, just reduced the amount to be addressed. 
Do you deal with a sufficient quantity of vegetables and fruit? 
Vegetables and fruit food Tmdk elements are very useful. 

9) Make changes gradually: 
Change your food will not happen as fast as expected. 
Rapid change can prevent access to success. 
Begin to address the problems you experience with moderation, and can bring you access to the system throughout the life of good food and not for a long time. 
For example: If you do not savor the taste of skim milk, low-fat milk was used. 
And will gradually become familiar with skimmed milk. 

10) Always remember .. There is no good food and bad food: 
There is no kind of good food and the kind of bad, kind of good food, which depends on the amount covered by it. 
Do not feel guilty because you love fatty foods, French fries, ice cream or candy. You can, but eating in moderation, and diversity.