Skin Care

* Skin: 
- Given the nature of the skin net beautiful children, but the age of adolescence and youth and the indelible mark of this class and the charm of the net and begin the skin epidermis in the composition of grain and stains. And begin to widen the pores of the skin, allowing bacteria and microbes from the skin of the face and the invasion of the formation of fatty patches, and finally ... wrinkles. 

We can not stop or prevent this process, but we can limit the spread quickly. , Through the survival of the skin clean, and drinking large quantities of water and protect the skin as much as possible from the sun, which is the main cause for the emergence of the effects of age on the skin (the inability of the skin). 

* Skin problems: 

- Acne: 
Such a situation occurs at the stage of adolescence. Acne bacteria can become, and if one of these pills Bg remain forever and turn into patches of the face. 
Drinking a large quantity of water, and work on the survival of skin and hair and hands clean, avoid touching the face grain or patches can be useful in the treatment of acne. 
In cases of severe infection should consult a doctor can describe a few doses of antibiotics to reduce the growth of bacteria. 

- Wrinkles: 
The skin remains moist in the presence of fat in the infrastructure layer of the skin, and water in the middle class. The outer layer of the skin is a dead skin cells and any quantity of refreshments can not restore life to this class. 
Although the facial creams with good value, as it protects the skin from the dust and the vagaries of the weather and the sun. 
But to protect the skin from the drought, more should be the amount of drinking plenty of water or liquids in general, away from alcohol. 
The best treatment for wrinkles is to avoid the harsh diet that exhaust all the fat in the skin, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun (sunbathing) because it makes the external layer of skin is very thick. Finally, smoking, exhaust Aloostron. 

- Skin rash / inflammation: 
Some types of skin rash or inflammation of the skin friction is the result of the sensitivity of Bmspb (ear earrings, gum paste in the materials). These expire at the end of substantiated cases of sensitivity. There are also cases of inflammation such as eczema and psoriasis. 
There may also be sensitive so that the result of exposure to the nerve of some people more susceptible to any stress. 
The conventional treatment in these cases is the cream Alasterod despite the fact that many people prefer other types of treatment such as acupuncture. 

- Skin cancer: 
Spread of the disease by more between the white. 
The reasons for the spread of several factors, such as: entry into force of the ozone layer, and the proliferation of fashion russet skin. 
Best advice is to avoid exposure to sunlight for long periods and, if necessary, must cover the skin well. 
If you want to acquire the russet color of the skin does not do so on a regular basis or for a long time so as not to cause your skin to burn under the sun. 
If you are exposed to sunlight for a long time during the sport or walking or in the sea where the sun reflected in the use of large must creams or various materials that reflect the sun rays (SPF 15 +) and ultraviolet A, B, despite the existence of a relationship between the burning of the skin sun and skin cancer, but there is no conclusive evidence that the articles that reflect the sun's rays and protects the skin which can protect from cancer as well.