mportance of sport

 Sports activity: 
- Lack of exercise make the muscles of your body is always in the case of limp and weak. It is hard on the heart and lung play Bozivthma good or joints become weak and can be easily infected. Lack of activity is large, such as the seriousness of the seriousness of smoking. 

- Protect the sport from the disease: 
Our bodies need and want to movement and exercise. Daily exercise is very important for physical fitness and good health, it reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. Sport also helps to stay in the appearance of good, non-appearance of wrinkles early. 

- Sports help you patience and endurance: 
At the start of exercise the body in the consumption of energy on it. Exercises to help you endurance and patience, by training your body to be more flexible and the amount of traffic using less energy. 

- Sports strengthens muscles: 
Sports and the formation of muscle composition and the development of bones and ligaments to withstand more force. With the practice of sports is not only the body and health but the best way for the appearance of your body. 

- Increase the flexibility of the body: 
Types of exercises that strain the body, be useful to the strength of the composition of the body to make it good in the case of flexibility to facilitate the process of bending and sprains, and all the various body movements. 
Increase the flexibility of the body through sports injuries and reduce the chances would improve the balance and harmony in the body, if you feel pain in the neck or upper part of the back, or feel tense and nervous tension, Fiqiamk some light exercises so that the body makes muscle relaxant in the case of the body and feel comfortable. 

- Control of body weight: 
Sport is the key to controlling the weight of the body, because it helps to burn excess calories. Thus the survival of the body weight and always in good shape.